St Thomas Aquinas Feast Day

Our special day began in form time with all students reflecting on how they could make changes in their lives to become Waymakers, Miracle Workers, and Promise Keepers in their own faith journeys. Students also reflected on the Holocaust, remembering the victims and crimes on the 75th Anniversary of the liberation Auschwitz.

Our mass began with beautiful music, Sinach’s Waymaker, as we introduced our speakers, Deacon Owen, who spoke about his vocation, Susan who spoke about her miracle baby, and Megan Cox who spoke about her experiences in Yad Vashem and the Holy Land. Prayer was at the heart of all three speakers experiences.

Father Cecil linked all of these themes with our own patron, St Thomas Aquinas who said “To be of good character means we have to think of others in order to live a fulfilled life”.

The choir led the music spiritually, and the Year 7’s singing was fantastic. We have never heard our church filled with such sound and volume. Mrs Lavelle, head of Year 7, even let a tear roll down her cheek!

Rumbi’s singing of the Psalm was angelic, and the GCSE Choir performed with clarity and real meaning.

To end the special day there was a ceremony to award all of the students nominated as exceptional people who live out the values and virtues of our school.

Anna O’Driscoll
Lay Chaplain


Year 7
Emily and Callum 7-BO
Isabella and Adam 7-FI
Nessa and Curtis 7-JP
Sophie and Dylan 7-MA
Lily-Rose and Mohammed 7-MO
April and Kadyn 7-NE
Connie and Georgie 7-RO
Aliya and Aiden 7-TE

Year 8
Destiny and Nathan 8-BO
Isabela and Zach 8-FI
Pooja and Gabriel 8-JP
Hannah and Daniel 8-MA
Laura and Daniel 8-MO
Efrata and Boyen 8-NE
Lola and Fabian 8-RO
Urszula and Rogers 8-TE

Year 9
Oliwia and Harvey 9-BO
Faith and Kevin 9-FI
Tanya and Reece 9-JP
Sharon and Callum 9-MA
Marawah and Tawana 9-MO
Courtney and Liam 9-NE
Sandryne and Connor 9-RO
Leah and Rahul 9-TE

Year 10
Oliwia and Kian 10-BO
Freya and Michael 10-FI
Emily and Rueben 10-JP
Riya and Peter 10-MA
Mia-Chi and Tawana 10-MO
Bethany and Adam 10-NE
Lauren and Harvey 10-RO
Leah and Rahul 10-TE
Year 11
Grace and Tashaun 11-BO
Megan and Tioluwani 11-ETI
Gayathiri and Allan 11-FI
Victoria and Gabriel 11-JP
Katie and Jamie 11-MA
Avni and Alfie 11-MAD
Tiana and Tanatswa 11-MO
Macy and Pedro 11-NE
Orla and Paul 11-RO
Blessing and Tyler 11-TE

6th Form
Nicole and Craig 6th-ABA
Katheryn and Vince 6th-ABI
Mollie and Luis 6th-DSU
Karolina and George 6th-EBE
Megan and Ryan 6th-JDO
Casey and Courtney 6th-SED



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