KS5 Debate at Newman University

This week, a team of Year 12 students went to Newman University to participate in the annual Key Stage 5 debate.

Karolina, Luci, Caitlin and Alex set off from school at midday, not knowing what they were going to have to debate later in the day.

At the university, topics for debate were randomly allocated and Karolina, Luci, Caitlin and Alex had to go off to the library and prepare their speech, as well as preparing rebuttals for any potential opposing arguments. Their task was to support the motion that an individual’s gender identity should be ‘demedicalised’ and down to the choice of the individual alone.

Following the three other debates, our team had to close the event. Karolina, as the first speaker, spoke clearly and with conviction in the opening speech. Due to an uneven number of teams, our team did not have an opposing team to debate against so had to listen to opposing arguments from the floor – including from teachers! Our team remained calm and collected however, and Luci finished off the day by countering the opposing arguments confidently. 

The judges, after much deliberation, announced that St Paul’s were the winning team, with St Thomas Aquinas coming a very close second, because they had not been allowed to give a joint first place! 

Well done to the team for doing a fantastic job, despite having to face every team, including all the teachers, as their opposition. 

Mrs Deegan
Teacher of English


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