Enrichment Week

During the last week of term, Year 12 engaged in a programme of enrichment activities, which began with a review of their work experience. Students were then presented information, advice and guidance about Higher Education from Newman University, engaged in teambuilding activities to promote community and wellbeing, developed their life skills by learning how to cook on a budget, perform CPR and budget as well as discussing their progression into Year 13. Students also reflected on the school’s virtues and developed their entrepreneurial skills by creating a marketing campaign. On the penultimate day, students enjoyed a Sixth Form BBQ. Thank you to all the staff who have made the variety of activities possible and to the students for their participation and engagement throughout the week. It was a lovely way to end the term as their Head of Year and it has been a privilege to work with this wonderful year group for two years. I wish Year 12 every success and happiness in their future and will keep them in my prayers.

Mr Miastowski
Head of Year 12


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