Geoff Horsfield Foundation Cheque Presentation

On Monday evening, Rizza, Aidan and Ashley presented a cheque to the Geoff Horsfield Foundation on behalf of St Thomas Aquinas Sixth Form raised during the Lenten Appeal. Since retiring from professional football, Geoff Horsfield has used his talents to support the homeless in Birmingham. The three students got to witness at first-hand the help the organisation offers to the most vulnerable in our city. Many thanks to Mrs Ryan for accompanying students on this visit. 

Mr Miastowski
Head of Year 12


Student Reports ...

We arrived in town at around 6.30pm whilst it was still bright and then helped hand out donated clothes to the homeless. I was taken aback by the amount of people who depend on the generosity of others and how little they had. Some were just in shorts and a t-shirt, which for some were all the clothes they had, and many had rips in them, which makes you empathise for them. We also considered what it would be like in winter when it was much colder than the warm night we had. We met Geoff Horsfield and handed over the cheque of £530 raised by the Sixth Formers. We then left and, on the way back, we reflected on how we could get involved in volunteering on a regular basis.

Year 12 Student

On Monday 1st July, we went into the city centre to present a cheque with money that the school raised from events such as the big sleep to Geoff Horsfield for the Geoff Horsfield foundation and help them organise clothes to give to the homeless. This was a real eye opener as we were there to see the state of desperation that the homeless were in and whiteness how quickly the items we had for them had disappeared. It was good to feel that we were contributing to a cause that would be helping people like the ones we saw and it was reassuring to hear about the work that they do and to be there to see it as it showed me that there are people that really care. Geoff Horsfield seemed very genuine and thankful for our contribution and he definitely cares about the homeless and puts them before himself.

Year 12 Student

Attending the Geoff Horsfield event in Birmingham has been an eye opening experience. People that the Geoff Horsfield foundation support do not have the same luxuries as we do. I realised how rough living on the streets can be and how the smallest of donations can make a big difference in someone else’s life. People live in the comforts of their home and often overlook how fortunate they are to have the simple things.

Year 12 Student

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