The Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme has been part of life at St Thomas Aquinas School since 1995. It was set up that year by Mr John Houston and myself, supported by many other members of staff, particularly Mr Ted Boodell, Mr Alex Flood and Mrs Mary Edmunds. 

We started with 35 students from Year 9 and 10. Mr Houston led the Expedition and Physical Recreation elements, while I coordinated the Skills and Service elements. For their Service activity, students took part in a British Red Cross First Aid course after school, a police course, or an evening course at Kings Norton Fire Station. I have wonderful memories of our first Bronze Expeditions, based at Clent and Earlswood. The Award was extremely popular and fortunately we were soon able to buy more equipment, allowing us to give this opportunity to more of our students. By 1997, we also had a Silver Award group, with expeditions to the Long Mynd in Shropshire. There were always difficulties (including Mr Houston’s inability to put the minibus into reverse for the whole 3 day expedition) but also a fabulous sense of development and achievement.

I am delighted that the Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme has gone from strength to strength in our school and is still offering our students the chance to develop their skills and their resilience 20 years after it was first established here.

Mrs Bell
Head of Modern Foreign Languages


DofE Gold
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